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Drink your way to get good health

Drink your way to good health

Water is a very important component of human life. Over 70 percent of the human body is made up of water. More and more people nowadays beat their thirst by gulping other beverages rather than water. People ought to remember that nothing beats good, old-fashioned water. Our body’s main component is water. According to studies a normal inactive person loses about 10 cups of water through breathing, perspiration, and other kinds of elimination in a day. And sad to say a number of individuals are replacing them with sodas, teas, coffee, sports drink, and other unhealthy drinks.

Water is a very important component of human life.

Water is a very important component of human life. Over 70 percent of the human body is made up of water. More and more people nowadays beat their thirst by gulping other beverages rather than water. People ought to remember that nothing beats good, old-fashioned water. Our body’s main component is water. According to studies a normal inactive person loses about 10 cups of water through breathing, perspiration, and other kinds of elimination in a day. And sad to say a number of individuals are replacing them with sodas, teas, coffee, sports drink, and other unhealthy drinks.

Other drinks are able to replenish the water we have lost but they are usually high in calories.

Other drinks are able to replenish the water we have lost but they are usually high in calories. Sodas contain sugar that is not necessary to the body and does not contain the vitamins and minerals the body needs. Juices on the other hand other hand are considered healthy given it will taken moderately. It does contain potassium, vitamin C, and other important vitamins but it is still high in calories. Six to eight glasses of natural juice is what an average individual needs in a day. Sports drink is another famous beverage today. It replaces the body with the electrolytes that one loses when he/she sweats. But just like other drinks contains extra calories. It is recommended to limit one’s consumption of sports drinks to 12 ounces of drink a day.


One should not rely on thirst to inform you that he/she needs a drink because by the time this happens our body is already slightly dehydrated. Staying hydrated is very important and vital at all times. A quart of water lost in one’s body will have an effect on an individual’s mental and physical performance. If dehydration is ignored tiredness, reduced concentration, and headache may take place. Headache is a sign that one’s brain and eyes are being deprived of water. It is eventually caused by swelling of the back of the eye.

Headaches and other illness can be prevented if everyone will drink the right amount of water.

Headaches and other illness can be prevented if everyone will drink the right amount of water. One ought to be aware however of the consequences of drinking too much water. Medical research shows that drinking too much water may cause electrolyte imbalance and tissue swelling that maybe bad for one’s health. If this swelling happens in the brain the bones in the brain hardly move causing the brain to be compressed therefore putting pressure in the brain. Mild headache and impaired breathing may occur if this swelling takes place. Chronic headaches can be avoided if one consumes the right amount of water. A few forget this that they end up seeking professional help or medication. There are a number of pain-killers out in the market like ibuprofen and paracetamol.

Fioricet is a pain reliever and sedative.

Fioricet is a pain reliever and sedative. It is used to relieve mild to moderate pain and tension headaches. Similar to other pain relievers fioricet also contains ingredients that may produce harmful side effects. Lightheartedness, dizziness, drowsiness, upset stomach, nausea, and sleeping disturbance are some of the side effects that may occur upon using this product. Inform your doctor if you develop breathing difficulties, rapid/irregular heartbeat, or severe stomach pain.
Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should consult their doctor before using Fioricet since small amounts of Fioricet appear in breast milk and may harm the unborn baby.

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Enjoy Summer And Vacation for Good Health

Enjoy Summer And Vacation for Good Health


Summer can be a real health problem. Travel plans that match our goals make us open to new environmental impacts that we love. Some practical tips for balancing, energizing and renewing.  LG V30

You do not have to pass to dry the desert. We have chronic dehydration because we do not drink as much water as we need. Our body is 65-80% water depending on age. It is not surprising to keep them in balance – we need a lot of water! And many people do not drink enough. Non-alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, coffee and tea do not meet the same requirements and the flow of the body’s flow is blocked. Our blood vessels are contaminated and affect the functioning of the body. People with heart disease, kidney stones and spleen usually do not have 6-8 glasses of water a day and chronic dryers. LG V30

Only drinks such as soda, coffee, alcohol and so on reduce minerals and vitamins and damage us. High-quality multivitamins are needed to combat this tiredness. How do you know what’s good? Give multivitamins in a glass of water. If it does not dissolve for half an hour, it may not be absurd in the body, it is only taken. And of course make sure that it is possible. For example, vitamin E, called tocopheryl, is obtained naturally. If not in the bottle, there may be a lower yield on the fabric. LG V30

Depression? Use daily Vitamin C. If you want more toxicity, get at least 2000 mg. everyday. Depression? Send me an email I am working on two articles that contain practical suggestions that make a difference.

Make a good wish: Your friend does not have to be an expert to lubricate organic oils in your muscles with good love and will. Rest your muscles when oxygen enters deep into the tissues. Do not forget where we live with our shoulders and neck. Where does Oregano Oil come from?

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and do not leave sugar. Do you know that all bacteria and all viruses are sugar? Avoid using soaked fatty acids, use the most intense cold oil and use the seeds to get omega 3. LG V30

Gastric fluid (or gastroenteritis) is usually caused by a virus or food poisoning. Do not join the first day. Drinking water, soup (? Pietern?) And a little apple juice in the electrolyte stage. A tea spoon every hour can help acidophilia. When you can withstand the crowd, you can start with apples and grated cinnamon, potato bananas and rice water (boiled water and rice). Aloe Vera water is also a good choice or naturally cheesy. If this works, add a diet to your diet.

LG V30


Aloe Vera is perfect for direct sunlight from both water and plant breeding. See. I Www.pieternel.co
It is best to avoid exposure to as much sunlight for as long as possible. The nose can dry the mucus of the eyes and ears. Clean and make delicious, use soluble salt in water. Dress up a glass of water with a handful of salt – it is as salty as tears. Cool, then place the plug in the bottle. Use it to wipe your nose, eyes and ears, so you can speed up the removal of clean glue.

Floating ear (and generally)

Does everything relieve relief without a good dive? However, for some it means “swimming” and ear pain. But it does not have to stop you. Use the cloak to stop your ears. The name says it all. This olive oil is a medicine that eases ear infection with vinegar and vinegar. More information. LG V30

Make sure that you enjoy your life and that you have sent your love so that your love will be returned to you. LG V30

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Electrical & Mechanical Design / Quantity take off / Estimation

Electrical & Mechanical Design / Quantity take off / Estimation





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Happy family

Happy Family

Happy family everyone expects but it,s happen now a days less then 40%. ‘Family’ is a single word, with many different meanings. People have many ways of defining a family and what being a part of a family means to them. Families differ in terms of economic, cultural, social, and many other facets. Every family has in common is that the people who call it.  A family are making clear that those people are important in some way to the person calling them his family.

LG V30


Many people consider friends to be as close or even closer than extended (or immediate) family. People who have lost close family members may create a family unit of friends. Similar interests and goals to become replacements or enhancements to a lacking family structure. This type of family unit, while nontraditional, can be just as close, if not closer, than a traditional structure. Friends are chosen by an individual; at times, these people. May be more special or important than the family a person was born with addition.  Some people who have supportive families also have an extensive network of friends. They consider to be a second family or as additions to their blood or legal relatives. Pets can also become members of a family unit. Pets add an element of responsibility to a family, particularly for children. LG V30

Enjoy each other

The essence of a happy family that is truly uplift each other and that all comes down to how they treat each other.  Says Shmuley. A New York-based family and relationship counselor and host of The Learning Channel’s Shalom in the Home. “There is a joy that characterizes their interaction,” says Boteach, father of eight children and author of several books, including the forthcoming Shalom in the Home. “Parents come home and the kids are happy to see them and when kids come home, the parents are happy to see them. LG V30

“When your kids come home, ask them what happened in school and have a story for them,” he says. “If you come home dejected and not really interested and then five minutes later the TV is on, why would they be happy to see you?”

The bottom line, he says, is that when you come home, your kids have to come first. “You must drop everything you are doing and always come home with something to share with your kids, whether a story or even the smallest vignette,” he says. “This way you give your kids something to look forward to. The great bane of family life is boredom and that is what leads to dysfunction, affairs, and kids wanting to be with their friends over family.” productsforest

“Set a real example of love,” Boteach says. “The relationship and marriage must come first.” Think Carol and Mike Brady of the Brady Bunch and Cliff and Clair Huxtable of the Cosby Show.

There are many families where kids always come first, says Boteach. Then they become substitute providers of love, he says. “That’s an unfair burden to put on a kid.” It’s also bad for families, he says, “because kids will move out of the house eventually.” productsforest

“In happy families, family comes before friends,” he says, “The camp counselor understands something that parents don’t and that is that caring for kids also has to be fun. Give rules, but understand that kids need fun, too. When kids get bored and listless, they start looking for excitement out of the home and that is when friends become more important. Friendship is important, but subordinate to family.” productsforest

Limit Children’s After-School Activities

Today, growing numbers of kids are overscheduled and participate in six or seven after-school activities per week. The mother becomes a chauffer and the children are never home at the same time. This is not a recipe for a happy family, Boteach says. “If your kids grow up not knowing how to do ballet, they will be OK. No after-school activities is an extreme and too many activities is the other extreme, but moderation is where we should aim.” Create your own after-school activities as a family, he suggests. For example, take your kids rollerblading, bike riding, or swimming after school as a family. productsforest

 Build and Honor Rituals

Families need rituals,” Boteach says. Rituals can be religious, national, or even family-specific, he says.Barbara Fiese, PhD, professor and chair of psychology at Syracuse University in New York, agrees. “Happy families have meaningful rituals and are not stressed out by them,” she says. “They can be unique to your own family such as going for bagels on Saturday morning, a weekly pizza night, or even a family song. Rituals tend to bring family members close together because they are repeated over time. “To work, rituals need to be flexible, she adds. “They can’t be rigid,” Fiese says. “If the bagel place is closed, you have to go someplace else. productsforest

Keep Your Voices Down

Remember that children thrive on stability. “There has to be a calm environment at home,” says Boteach. “Talk to your kids, give them strict rules, and punish children when necessary, but don’t lose control and yell. If you yell at kids, that shows you are out of control and you create a nonpeaceful environment.” productsforest

Jan 10

Happy life 13 tips

Happy life 13 tips

1. Be committed -

No matter what goals you have set for yourself in life, you have to be committed. It’s through commitment that you’ll continue to make the improvements needed to better yourself. Whether it’s taking a chance on launching a startup, getting a gym membership to improve your physical well being, or taking a cooking class because you want to become a chef, commitment is what drives us all to become more successful.

2. People care about you, not your success-

Let’s be honest. People don’t care about the expensive clothes you wear, how big is the house you own or the car your drive. That’s not to say that they don’t respect your achievements or possessions. Instead, they care you as an individual and they’ll support you no matter what — because they love you. Believe it!

3. Be grateful everyday-

According to research Martin Seligman, Robert Emmons, and Michael McCullough, being grateful can result in feeling better about your life, more enthusiastism and more willingness to help others. Being grateful may even reduce coronary artery disease. Take the time to write down what you’re grateful each and every day.

4. Take action-

In an article in The Atlantic, authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman share studies on the confidence gap between men and women.  The researchers discovered that confidence is just as important as competence. It was concluded in the article that “[T]aking action bolsters one’s belief in one’s ability to succeed.”

5. Money can’t buy happiness-

As The Beatles famously proclaimed, (money), “can’t buy me love.” You know what else money can’t buy? Happiness. Just because you’re earning six figures doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily content. Sure, money is obviously needed, and it makes some things easier. But, you should be focusing on your passion and not how much your paycheck is.

6. Don’t take rejection personally-

At some point we all face rejection. Instead of taking it personally, use it as a learning experience. Why did a VC reject your proposal? Maybe there wasn’t a market for your product. Perhaps you didn’t have a convincing pitch. Maybe the VC’s partner just called and said he’d spent their extra cash. Accepting and learning from rejection is one way to guide you to success. With my startup I get rejected daily, literally. I talked to 100+ VC’s before I got one that believed in my product. Learn from rejection and use it as motivation to make things bettter!

7. Have a backup plan-

You never know when the unexpected is going to happen, but when it does happen, you’re surrounded by chaos. Being prepared for the worst case scenario can at least make things a whole lot less chaotic. When my last business crashed, had I not had some cash set aside (that my wife kept away from me), we would have been in financial ruin. Having a three-to-six month nest egg will make the difference. I’ve found that having 12-24 months of cash to pay all bills just sitting there has significantly helped my marriage be more positive as well!

8. Travel-

As Yii-Huei Phang states on traveling is a great way to “develop a person’s character” and become more open-minded. Additionally, while traveling is a great way to get away from the daily grind, it also helps you appreciate what you have back at home.

9. Don’t multitask-

If you’re feeling constantly burnt out it’s probably because you’re doing too much at one time. Research has found that “when you switch away from a primary task to do something else, you’re increasing the time it takes to finish that task by an average of 25 percent.” You’re also burning your reservoir of energy. Both of these issues decrease your productivity and prevent you from accomplishing tasks and goal.

10. Balance work & life-

When work interferes with life, it can result in employees getting burned out and decreases base morale in the office. While this may not be an option for employees, it proves that everyone needs time away from the office. If you’re able to spend less time in the office by working remotely or having flexible hours, you should be able to be productive in both your personal and professional life.

11. Live in the moment-

You can’t change the past and you have no control of the future. Live in the moment and enjoy what’s in front of you right here, right now. When you’re busy making too many plans, you’re causing stress that prevents you from enjoying the present.

12. Take care of yourself, then help others.

According to Mark, a psychologist and head of the Center for the Study of the Individual and Society at the University of Minnesota, “People who volunteer tend to have higher self-esteem, psychological well-being, and happiness.”

13. The present moment is the only moment you control over right now

No matter how much you plan you never know for sure how life is going to play out. The only time you will know is when you are in that moment. The moment you experience right now is the only moment you can control. You can choose to enjoy the moment or you can choose to loathe the moment. You can also choose to ignore the moment completely and waste it away, but either way, the present moment is yours to control. Planning isn’t going to take you out of the present. It might help you accomplish your goals but it is not going to improve your quality of life for the present moment. Planning isn’t going to guarantee you a desired outcome for the future so why not accept what you can control now?

Jan 09

Islam is the peace of religion don’t misunderstand

Islam the peace of religion

Simplicity is evident even in the question posed in this debate. The framing reveals a fundamental error.  That violent extremism is fundamental to Islam rather than committed by individuals. The fact that there is violence emanating from parts of the Muslim. The world does not mean that violence is a product of the religion. The matter is that the extremist violence that has overtaken a majority of Muslim countries. Including Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan is the product of complex political and social circumstances. They include colonial legacies and more modern great power politics — and the artificial borders that they bequeathed the region.

The perpetrated by official structures that favor a few over the many, and the collapse of government institutions. Religion, certainly, is part of the mix, especially in fragile nations or under authoritarian regimes, but that comes into play not because of the nature of the faith but because of the way it is abused and manipulated.

To grasp this complexity

It is important to understand three areas: the role of global politics that have destabilized the region and inflamed tensions; how dysfunctional states create an opening for extremism; and finally, how religion fills the gaps created by international and domestic uncertainties.

The United States’ role in stoking extremism is its support for the United Nations’ policies on Israel, which critics have attacked as a double standard. In 2003, John Austin, a former British Parliamentarian, wrote an article for the Palestinian NGO Miftah citing conflicts from Kosovo to East Timor to Iraq to Rwanda. In each of those cases the U.N. imposed enforcement measures such as arms embargos, and international tribunals to prosecute crimes against humanity.

United states

Yet on Israel’s illegal building of settlements, there has been no action despite numerous U.N. resolutions dating back to the late 1970s often because of U.S. intervention on its behalf. As for state-level problems, domestic power struggles and government dysfunction across the Middle East have also opened the door for violent extremist groups. Robert I. Rotberg outlines in his book When States Fail: Causes and Consequences, that a state’s failure to provide citizens with basic rights and services allows violent nonstate actors to emerge and take control.

Failures were not limited to economic needs

A lack of political inclusion. Freedom of expression, and the right to live with dignity have been primary drivers of youth radicalization and violence. Recent example can be seen in Iraq and Syria: the Islamic State and al-Nusra Front have offered services and material benefits to lure citizens into joining the fight.

The death of Nabra Hassanen, 17, of Reston, northern Virginia, stunned the local community. Police have charged 22-year-old Darwin Martinez Torres with her murder.  She was muslim then evan also muslim are terrorist. Terrorist has no religion.

United Kingdom & Europe

A man from Cardiff is believed to be responsible for a terrorist attack.  That left one person dead and 11 injured. When a van he was driving ploughed into a group of worshippers near a mosque in north London. Darren Osborne, 47, is alleged to have shouted “I want to kill all Muslims – I did my bit” after the hired van hit a crowd that had gathered to help an elderly man who had collapsed near a mosque. The Met said a 47-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of the commission. Preparation or instigation of terrorism. Including murder and attempted murder in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Which occurred near two mosques in Finsbury Park after late prayers in the small hours of Monday morning.

Only muslim are terrorist. Terrorist has no religion.

An Indian court has convicted 24 people – 11 for murder – over a massacre during religious riots.  14 years ago in Gujarat state, then led by the current prime minister, Narendra Modi. Judge PB Desai found guilty of hacking to death and burning 69 Muslims sheltering in a residential complex in the city of Ahmedabad. One of the single worst massacres of the week-long violence. They are expected to be sentenced next week.

Modi, who was accused by human rights groups of turning a blind eye to the violence as then chief minister of Gujarat. But the latest verdicts are unlikely to have an impact on the Hindu nationalist premier.  Who was cleared in 2012 by a supreme court-ordered investigation. Celebrations erupted in the courtroom in Ahmedabad amid tight security.  After the verdicts were read out on Thursday, with victims and their families clapping and thanking the judge. The riots which left more than 1,000 people dead in total.


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